Becky Robins Neuro Physiotherapy

Empowering people who have had a Stroke or have Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal injury, Cerebral Palsy, Functional Neurological Disorder and any other Neurological or movement disorder in West Sussex and Surrey to move better, get fitter, stronger and do more with Specialist Neuro Physiotherapy.

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Here is what my clients are saying

I contracted a rare illness in 2015 which affects the central nervous system and has, for now at least, left me wheelchair dependant. The illness has an uncertain final outcome but, based on feedback that I’ve had heard from other sufferers, ‘neurological physiotherapy’ can help with muscle and nerve recovery.

Prior to linking up with Becky, I had been making some progress but I felt that I didn’t really have a clear enough strategy for working on muscle areas that would help improve my condition.
Working with Becky has been an absolute pleasure. It’s very clear to me that she ‘knows her stuff’ through many years of working with neuro condition patients. I really like her approach and she makes me work very hard on the strategies that we have been working on. I really appreciate also her working hours flexibility and the fact that our sessions take place in my own home.

Since working with Becky over the last year, I have noticed some distinct improvements in my core control and muscle activity. I am now showering independently and have much more confidence.

Adrian, 2018

I had been having physiotherapy since my initial flare in 1988 with limited number of sessions per referral and felt that I had not been making much progress. I wanted someone who could give me a fresh approach to the management of my M.S. through exercise, healthy living and mental attitude. This is exactly what Becky is doing for me.

After my first session at home, rather than in clinic, I was so happy to have finally found a physio that had a fresh approach and worked towards the things that I wanted to achieve. The advantage of being in my own environment is that Becky could see instantly the small things she could do straight way to help make my life easier to manage by picking up things that could cause me to fall, mats and rugs on the floor, moving furniture around to make cooking easier and then there are the exercises! These are done with gusto and a ‘hands on’ approach, which is how it should be, as the therapist needs to know that the patient is activating the correct muscles for the right outcome. Of course, I have to practice the exercises in order to make any progress and Becky has written down a basic form that I found easy to understand and put in to my daily regime.

I am now able to walk outside and get to the post box and I am working towards getting on a train by myself so to go and stay with a friend. Becky has the ability to think ‘outside the box’ and is always trying to help me get to where I want to be.

Linda, 2018