People with stroke, neurological conditions or injuries should have access to high intensity, repetitive, task specific training for as long as they are continuing to progress and or feeling the benefit. Getting fitter and stronger can not only improve your physical independence but it can reduce the risk of Heart disease, future Stroke and diabetes for example but and also your mental wellbeing too!

Neuro fitness programmes can benefit anyone suffering from a neurological condition. This can range from a Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, spinal injury, Parkinsons Disease and anyone can do it whether you are fully independent and walking or in a wheelchair and need help to move.

Being fit and active is so important for everyone. When this training is combined with the expertise of a Neuro physiotherapist your independence, movement, strength and balance can improve rapidly.

In the wake of covid-19 your rehabilitation may have been delayed or cut short by some services so please get in touch if you are in Crawley, Horsham or surrounding areas and feel you would like to get fitter and stronger and progress further.


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