We often get asked who would benefit from our Neuro Physiotherapy help and so we hope this post helps to clarify in case you or someone know needs help.

Who do we help with Neuro Physiotherapy?

People who have had a condition or injury that has affected the Brain or spinal cord such as Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons disease, head injury, spinal injury, Guillan Barre Syndrome, Tansverse Myelitis.

We also help people who have motor neurone disease, dementia, Alziemers, Huntington’s Disease and other neurological disorders that affect peripheral nerves such as Charcot Marie Tooth and Diabetic neuropathy.

Those who are over the age of 70 with mobility issues such as difficulty getting in and out of bed, stairs, walking outside, falls and balance

With the latest pandemic and the effects on Covid -19 we also help people following Covid-19 illness to improve their fitness, endurance and function.

Over-all  we help people to move better, get fitter and stronger and and to increase independence.  This is better for the person who has these illnesses and their family.  One of the benefits and goals of Neuro Physiotherapy is to help to prevent or slow any deterioration in muscle activity and movement and or help when issues do deteriorate in some fashion.

How do I know if now is the right time for rehab? Below we have highlighted some of the challenges people face that lead to looking for our help.

  • You want to be able to move better but need someone to show you what to do to help
  • You have had a stroke or have another neuro condition and want to get fitter and stronger
  • You are possibly getting frustrated with not being able to do the things you once could do easily and want to do more for yourself
  • You want more rehab than that is already being offered to you
  • You have recently suffered with Covid-19 and struggling to get back to ‘normal’
  • You may need support to help you deal with the emotional side of your problems following hospitalisation due to Covid-19 or neurological problems
  • You want to maintain the level of ability that you have for as long as possible

What type of problems do we help to solve?

  • Difficulty moving your arms or your legs
  • Walking may be difficult or you may not be able to walk by yourself
  • You may find everyday tasks a challenge such as stairs or getting in/out of bed
  • You may be experiencing changes in your sensation
  • You may have problems with your balance
  • You may get tired and breathless very easily
  • You may have strength and mobility issues following a hip or knee replacement
  • You want to get fitter and stronger after a stroke or other neuro condition
  • You may be experiencing emotional stress following neurological condition or hospitalisation following Covid-19

How can our Rehab programmes help you and your family or carers?

Our specialist rehab physiotherapists are passionate about helping people and tailor their rehab programmes specifically to your needs.

We focus solely on you within your own home (or care home) and incorporate hands on treatment with lifestyle analysis, exercise prescription, fitness programmes and other therapeutic tools so you can be more confident, less stressed and more independent.

Along with our emotional health specialist we enable you to develop a team to support you and your family or carers to establish long-term solutions to reach your goals.

What next? 

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